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2019-09-21 〜Nordic Light〜 duo recital

〜Nordic Light〜 duo recital by Peter Lodahl (tenor), Akiko Nakajima (soprano), Luisella Germano (piano)

21.09.2019 Takasaki City Theater Music Hall

2019-09-20 Grand Opening - Takasaki City Theater

Beethoven 9th Gunma Symphony Orchestra, Naoto Otomo,

soloists: Kristin Lewis, Akiko Nakajima, Peter Lohdal, Ryohei Izumi

2019-09-10 The 9th Gunma Opera Academy, Noura -Juku

2019/9/10-9/15 Autumn Academy Opera Highlight vol.5 "Seven deadly sins"

Like in agricultural life, autumn season is a time for harvesting for Noura Juku. With what we have learnt in masterclass and spring academy, it is now time for public performance called “Opera Highlight” at the end of autumn season.

2019-06-01 Concert Evening of Akiko Nakajima's Class



Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien, KonzertsaalSingerstraße 261010 Wien

admission free


2019-03-20 The Little Mermaid – Musiktheater by Yasuhiro Kasamatsu

A special cultural event: 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Austria and Japan in cooperation with MUK.

Fri.22.March 2019 19.30 UHR

@ WHITE BOX, Das Off Theater » http://www.off-theater.at

The Little Mermaid: Nataliya Stepanyak


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