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Nora Kura Musik - a new Youtube Channel 1pm every Tuesday (central european time) 2020-12-20

In this new channel, we deliver dialogues between Vienna-based opera singer Akiko Nakajima and a younger generation of musicians. Artists living in this era are fighting to survive. What is music for? Are musicians useful in the society? What will our future be? We have so much to think about today.

We chat in a friendly frank way, about our thoughts, life style, and deliver music. We hope you may enjoy it. *mostly in Japanese

» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VmxahNnSMw

2020-11-13 Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa presents "Kanazawa Opera Highlights"

2020.11.22 SUN KANAZAWA OPERA Highlights

Prelude to the ZEN, Taki-no-Shiraito Highlight

2020.11.22 [Sun] Open 13 : 00 Start 14 : 00 @Kanazawa Theater


  • Yuki Kakiuchi Conductor
  • Yasuhiro Miura Stage Direction
  • Takuro Tatsumi Navigator
  • Toshiyuki Watanabe Composer
  • Shoichi Matsuda libretto
  • Akiko Nakajima Shiraito (Tomo Mizushima), a water magician (Soprano)
  • Kei Takayanagi Daisetsu Suzuki, a philosopher / Kinya Murakoshi, a young coachman (Tenor)
  • Masashi Mori Soyen Shaku, a Zen Buddhist Master / Count Nogi, a head of the Peers' School / Nanking Debauchi, a carny opposed to Shiraito (Bass)
  • Yayoi Toriki Emma, Biatrice's mother / Kinya's Mother (Mezzo soprano)
  • Yuya Harada Kitaro Nishida, a philosopher / the Presiding Judge (Baritone)
  • Yohei Kondo a Prologist (Tenor)
  • Ayako Kimura Covering of Shiraito
  • Kumi Ishikawa Beatrice, Daisetsu's wife (Soprano)


2020-10-12 10th Gunma Opera Academy, Noura-Juku

12-10/18-10 2020 Autumn Academy Opera Highlight vol.6 "It's tough being a singer!"

Autumn season is a time for cultural harvesting for Noura Juku. Despite the hard time we are facing this year, we hope we will manage to hold our Autumn camp and present our work on stage to share our love for communication with music and opera.

» https://www.nourajuku.com/top/index.php

2020-10-03 Lecture Concert

03.10.2020 14:00 @Glanz Taketa, Taketa, Japan

soprano: Akiko Nakajima

piano: Miyoko Koga

» http://www.taketa-city.com/glanz/topics/20201003lectureconcert/

2020-02-21 Akiko Nakajima Masterclass 2020 in Vienna



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