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Masterclass in Tokyo 2015-07-02

On 28th August 2015 and on 11th September 2015 Nakajima will hold masterclasses in Tokyo.

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Nakajima appears on the cover of the Japanese classical music magazine, Hanna for March issue 2015-02-09

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End of my term as ambassador of Pippo Association - by Nakajima 2015-01-26

“My involvement as the first ambassador for the Pippo Association has ended. In the past 3 years, there has been many achievements and development to support the children and their families in Aarhus. Thanks to Marcello Passalia, the leader of the association, and the friends of the association, the recognition of the association is gaining. I wish all the best for the newly appointed ambassador, and look forward to assist the institution in any way possible for many years to come.“

Mozarthaus Vienna in Japan 2014 @ Yomiuri Otemachi Hall & Izumi Hall - in November 2014, Mozarthaus Vienna will visit Japan for the first time in their history - 2014-09-19

3 days of concerts, lectures, exhibitions and workshops will be held in the Yomiuri Otemachi Hall and Izumi Hall. Musicians such as Peter Schmidl, Rainer Trost, Niels Muus, Fumiaki Miura, Yoko Kikuchi, Akiko Nakajima and String Quartet ARCO will perform great pieces by Mozart and others. Visitors will be also able to see Viennese exhibition items, related to the theme "Mozart and Freemason". Guests like Dr. Angermüller, the world's leading expert of Mozart, Prof. Back-Vega of Freimauer Museum and Dir. Vitek of Mozarthaus will be awaited for this event. Akiko Nakajima is the intendant of this event and with the kind support of the musicians and everybody involved, it will be a new and innovative chamber music festival in two Japanese major cities.

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Master class in Hong Kong 2014-04-22

On 31st May 2014 Nakajima will hold master classes in Hong Kong, which is organized by the Opera Hong Kong.

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