Activities as ambassador of Pippo Association

Pippo Association is a non-profit organization, supporting prematurely born children and the families. As an ambassador, Akiko Nakajima was actively involved in fund raising concerts and family meetings from December 2011 for 3 years.

Pippo Association

10th Anniversary Program of the Pippo Association: Italian opera gala concert "Eternamente", Århus - Denmark: 2011/12/10

·Place: Musikhuset Århus

A charity concert for 1000 kids, Århus - Denmark: 2011/12/09

·Place: Katolske Kirke Århus Denmark

Charity fashion show: "In the mood of Klimt", Beirut - Lebanon: 2011/05/18

·Place: Music Hall
·About the event: O de Rose presents: "In the mood of Klimt" fashion show under the high patronage of the Austrian Embassy. The ticket sales profit will be donated to « Faire Face », the non-profit organization for breast cancer in Beirut.

During this evening, Lebanese fashion and interior designers will present a special collection inspired by Klimt with the participation of Austrian/Japanese soprano Akiko Nakajima who will perform music from Klimt time in Vienna which was much influenced by "Japonism".


Support of reconstruction activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake 2011

Charity concert for Japan: "Hope", Vienna - Austria: 2011/04/10

·Place: Volksoper Wien
·Performers: Volksoper Orchestra / Volksoper Choir / KS F. Furlanetto / KS M. Lipovsek / S. Holechek / Akiko Nakajima among others

Charity concert "Pray for Japan", Vienna - Austria: 2011/04/17

·Place: Hofburg - Redouten Saal
·Performers: KS Sona Ghazarian / Masami Morimoto (Koto) / Akiko Nakajima / Eijiro Kai / Hiroyuki Ijichi / Kikuko Teshima / Yasushi Hirano / Masaaki Saito (Piano) among others


Charity Concert for North East Japan, Tokyo - Japan: 2012/03/22

·Place: Suntory Hall
·Performers: Gambaro Japan Super Orchestra / Ken Takaseki (Conductor) / Fumiaki Miura (Violin) / Akiko Nakajima among others


Visits to Minami-Souma city in Fukushima: Concerts at the Ishigami Junior high School, Fukushima - Japan: 2013/02/17&18

·Organized by: Minamisoma Channel, Souma City Hall and Newspaper The Asahi Shimbun
·Performers: Akiko Nakajima & Masaaki Saito (piano)

Outreach activities in the Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Since Nakajima’s parents moved to Gunma Prefecture in 1990s, Nakajima takes part in cultural and outreach activities in this region.

Hospital concert: 2011/02/08

·Place: Gunma Prefectural Cancer Center
·Performers: Akiko Nakajima & Niels Muus (Piano)

Hospital concert: 2013/12/10

·Place: Gunma Cardiovascular Center
·Organized by: Gunma Prefectural Hospitals Bureau
·Performers: Akiko Nakajima & Masaaki Saito (Piano)

Concerts at prisons, hospitals and orphanages in Lebanon: 2010/12/02-05

·Place: The women's prison in Verdun, the Bhannes Hospital in Bhersaf, orphanage etc.
·Organized by: Fondation Résonnance
·Performers: Akiko Nakajima & Elizabeth Sombart (piano)

There are many inmates in Lebanese women's prisons who were homeless and committed crimes to get in a prison as the last place of refuge. Even after release it's quite common that these women commit crimes again for the same reason. The “Fondation Résonnance - Liban” takes part in several resocialization-programs in women’s prison, which supports their social rehabilitation and integration, and organizes regularly music lessons or concerts by volunteer musicians. Thanks to invitation from Elizabeth Sombart, the head of “Fondation Résonnance” and pianist, Nakajima could take part in programs for the last years as teacher of singing therapy and got many precious experiences.

Fondation Résonnance

Nakajima visited her old elementary school Shiroyama in Kushiro-city, Hokkaido – Japan: 2010/01/20
Make-A-Wish Gala Brunch 2009, Vienna - Austria: 2009/11/08

·Place: Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
·Performers: Adrian Eröd (Baritone) / Akiko Nakajima / Barbara Moser (Piano)

Make-A-Wish Foundation® Österreich

A charity concert of the Amphitheatre Jean-Piat opening in Kfarsama-Mechmech in Lebanon: 2009/07/05

·Place: Amphitheatre Jean-Piat
·Organizer: Fondation Résonnance and Fondation Lo-Tedhal
·In cooperation with: The embassy of France, Italy and Switzerland
·Performers: The Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra / Walid Moussallem (Conductor) / Elizabeth Sombart (Piano) / Akiko Nakajima

Nakajima attended a charity concert in an amphitheatre, which was built by former inhabitants of an orphanage. Various religious dignitaries were among the guests, who made the atmosphere very special and unique.


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