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The idea of this academy (juku) is to take time in green countryside and go deep into the basics of cultural awareness. In farming areas of Itakura in Gunma prefecture of Japan, there still exists old festive traditions connecting farming with culture. The participants have the chance to get in touch with them, while having intensive singing and stage training.

Since 2015 we have seen a steady development with Noura-Juku, and in late 2019, we have become an official cultural foundation called, Noura Opera Foundation. Producing over 80 alumni each year, we look forward to continue our activities to help educate and develop young artists for many years to come.

【Masterclass in Tokyo and Vienna】
In early spring, Noura Juku holds Audition Masterclass. The participants will learn how to access their full capability as performing artists, to reliably deliver inspiring performances in audition settings by practical training and listening to the professionals in lectures. Since 2019, we have commenced holding auditions in Vienna as well.

【Spring Academy for singers and pianists】
The Spring Academy is designed for singers and pianists to prepare for vocal recitals. Together with renown international lecturers, accompanists and the general director, Akiko Nakajima, the participants have great opportunities to train vocal skills, languages and interpretations for lieder and arias. While having intensive singing and stage training, the participants have the chance to get in touch with nature in the green countryside of Gunma.

【Autumn Academy for opera productions】
Like in agricultural life, autumn season is a time for harvesting for Noura Juku. With what we have learnt in masterclass and spring academy, it is now time for public performance called “Opera Highlight” at the end of autumn season. The cast is carefully selected from auditions and international fresh voices. Each year, the general director, Akiko Nakajima choses suitable arias and ensembles scenes for the cast and provides dialogues, making perfect stories for a performance. The autumn academy is not only for singers for opera, but it is a great chance to learn and experience for conductors, instrumentalists, dancers, stage directors, set designers and backstage staff.

【”Opera Highlight” public performance series】
The opera series “Opera Highlight” are our main annual events at the end of the autumn academy. The cast will rehearse with stage directors, conductors, korrepetitors and choreographers. The daily conversations in German, Italian and English will also provide friendly international environment which is vital to get used to for the young artists.