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    Akiko Nakajima
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    In 2019 Noura-Juku became a foundation!
    In Greek mythology, mankind was always inspired by
    muses, the goddesses of literature and arts. The lyre
    is the symbol of the musical sense of these goddesses
    and emphasizes Noura-Juku as place for inspiration and
    affinity with nature.
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    East Meets West
    The brand new unique theatrical performance,
    the traditional Japanese Noh theater with the expressionistic masterpiece,
    Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schönberg
    Performance only on Youtube!

YouTube Channel: Angel Seraphim

latest news

2020-02-21Akiko Nakajima Masterclass 2020 in Vienna



2020-02-14Akiko Nakajima Masterclass 2020 in Tokyo

2019-12-31Yokohama Minatomirai Hall Silvester Concert 2019-2020

2019/12/31 (Tue) Yokohama Japan

21:00 start (20:20 opening)

Venue: Yokohama Minatomirai Hall

[program] Tchaikovsky (4th movement from "Symphony No. 5") / Puccini "Tosca") / others

[Conductor] Norio Iimori [performers] Tsugio Tokunaga (vl) / Risa Arai (vl) / Kyoko Tabe (p) / Akiko Nakajima (S) / Hironori Jo (T) / Yokohama Minatomirai Hall Silvester Orchestra [Moderator] Satoshi Asaoka

2019-12-29Silvester Concert Keiyu Orthopedic Hospital

2019.12.29. Tatebayashi Japan16:00

performers TOMAKI TRIO (Akiko Nakajima: soprano, Masaaki Saito: piano, Tomoya Nakai: 25 string koto)

“A wonderful witch” ”Wings” ”waltz”by Toru Takemitsu

“A gondola song” by Shimpei Nakayama

“Like a flower” “My favorite things” by Tomoya Nakai,

Viennese songs among others

2019-10-30concert series “MusicaInFamiglia” no.2 La famiglia Muus

2019.10.30. Wednesday Rome Italy Villa Lante 20:00

Akiko Nakajima, soprano | Niels Muus, pianoforte

music from: Catalani, Cilea, Liszt, Paisiello, Ricci, Verdi, Wagner

» http://www.musicaimmagine.it/orecchio_di_giano_interna.php?id=52


"Noura-Juku" - a new pastoral opera academy in Gunma Japan

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