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    Akiko Nakajima
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    In 2019 Noura-Juku became a foundation!
    In Greek mythology, mankind was always inspired by
    muses, the goddesses of literature and arts. The lyre
    is the symbol of the musical sense of these goddesses
    and emphasizes Noura-Juku as place for inspiration and
    affinity with nature.
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    East Meets West
    The brand new unique theatrical performance,
    the traditional Japanese Noh theater with the expressionistic masterpiece,
    Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schönberg
    Performance only on Youtube!

YouTube Channel: Angel Seraphim

latest news

2020-10-1210th Gunma Opera Academy, Noura-Juku

12-10/18-10 2020 Autumn Academy Opera Highlight vol.6 "It's tough being a singer!"

Autumn season is a time for cultural harvesting for Noura Juku. Despite the hard time we are facing this year, we hope we will manage to hold our Autumn camp and present our work on stage to share our love for communication with music and opera.

» https://www.nourajuku.com/top/index.php

2020-10-03Lecture Concert

03.10.2020 14:00 @Glanz Taketa, Taketa, Japan

soprano: Akiko Nakajima

piano: Miyoko Koga

» http://www.taketa-city.com/glanz/topics/20201003lectureconcert/

2020-02-21Akiko Nakajima Masterclass 2020 in Vienna



2020-02-14Akiko Nakajima Masterclass 2020 in Tokyo

2019-12-31Yokohama Minatomirai Hall Silvester Concert 2019-2020

2019/12/31 (Tue) Yokohama Japan

21:00 start (20:20 opening)

Venue: Yokohama Minatomirai Hall

[program] Tchaikovsky (4th movement from "Symphony No. 5") / Puccini "Tosca") / others

[Conductor] Norio Iimori [performers] Tsugio Tokunaga (vl) / Risa Arai (vl) / Kyoko Tabe (p) / Akiko Nakajima (S) / Hironori Jo (T) / Yokohama Minatomirai Hall Silvester Orchestra [Moderator] Satoshi Asaoka


"Noura-Juku" - a new pastoral opera academy in Gunma Japan

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