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    Akiko Nakajima
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    In 2019 Noura-Juku became a foundation!
    In Greek mythology, mankind was always inspired by
    muses, the goddesses of literature and arts. The lyre
    is the symbol of the musical sense of these goddesses
    and emphasizes Noura-Juku as place for inspiration and
    affinity with nature.
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    East Meets West
    The brand new unique theatrical performance,
    the traditional Japanese Noh theater with the expressionistic masterpiece,
    Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schönberg
    Performance only on Youtube!

YouTube Channel: Akiko Nakajima - 中嶋彰子

latest news

2024-08-30Soprano Recital

- Date: August 30, 2024

- Doors open at 18:00 / Performance starts at 18:30

- Venue: Kokubunji City Izumi Hall [3-36-12 Izumicho, Kokubunji, Tokyo]

- Performers: Akiko Nakajima (Soprano), Hibiki Kojima (Piano)

Open Vocal Masterclass

- Date: August 31, 2024 (Saturday)

 - 13:00-15:20

- Venue: Kokubunji City Izumi Hall, B Hall

Soprano Recital2024-08-28

Schedule: August 28, 2024 (Wednesday)

Doors open at 18:30 / Performance starts at 19:00

Mitsui Sumitomo Kaijo Bunka Foundation - Heartwarming Moments 1029th Event

Venue: Oishida Town Citizen Exchange Center "Rainbow Plaza" Nanairo Hall

[28 Ryokumachi, Oishida Town, Kitamurayama District, Yamagata Prefecture]

Performers: Akiko Nakajima (Soprano), Hibiki Kojima (Piano)

» https://www.ms-ins-bunkazaidan.or.jp/concert-information/1029-20240828/

Noura Juku Opera Academy 2024-08-24

DIE FLEDERMAUS Noura-juku Summer Academy 2024

opera highlight vol.7 DIE FLEDERMAUS

Performance Schedule:

  • August 24, 2024 (Saturday) at 16:00 (Doors open at 15:15)
  • August 25, 2024 (Sunday) at 14:00 (Doors open at 13:15)

Please note that the starting times differ depending on the performance date.

Venue: Oura Town Chuo Civic Hall - Noura no Mori Hall Address: 2569-1 Oaza Nakano, Noura-cho, Ora-gun, Gunma 370-0603, Japan

Ticket Sales Start: June 28, 2024, from 10:00 AM

How to Purchase Tickets:

Online Reservation: » Live Pocket

For more details, you can visit their official website » here.

Enjoy the wonderful performance of Strauss II's "Die Fledermaus" with Noura Juku this summer!

2024-08-20Noura Juku Summer Campus

Dates: August 20-25

Venue: Ora-machi Central Community Center - Ora no Mori Hall

Address: 2569-1 Oaza Nakano, Ora-machi, Ora-gun, Gunma 370-0603

The activity conducted at the Noura Juku from summer to autumn is called "Opera Highlights." Young aspiring singers selected through auditions and established singers gather for training at a retreat in Ora-machi. They rehearse together and perform shoulder-to-shoulder on stage. With unwavering dedication, every participant strives to express their uniqueness and complex emotions, aiming to "guide the audience into the world of opera." They dedicate themselves to rehearsals yearly, showcasing their passion and commitment to achieving this goal.

2024-07-14Todi Vocal Arts - Summer Academy in Umbria

Todi Vocal Arts offers a two-week intensive training program, from July 14 to July 28, 2024, tailored for opera singers and vocal coaches seeking to refine their vocal skills and deepen their understanding of the repertoire while immersing themselves in the Italian language.

more information » https://todivocalarts.com/


Akiko Nakajima - vocal teacher

Mardi Byers- vocal teacher

Ulla Raiskio - vocal teacher

Daniele Piattello - vocal coach

Niels Muus - vocal coach

Stefania Bello- language school director


"Noura-Juku" - a new pastoral opera academy in Gunma Japan

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