Music theatre "The Little Mermaid" by Yasuhiro Kasamatsu @ DAS OFF THEATER - WHITE BOX (2019/3/22)

A cultural event in cooperation with Opera Master’s Program MUK for the occasion of the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Austria and Japan

<Composer&Lyrics> Composer: Yasuhiro Kasamatsu / Original text in Japanese: Shoichiro Iwakiri / Text in English version: Rosalind Fielding & Akiko Nakajima
<Cast> Little Mermaid: Nataliya Stepanyak / Narrator, Grand Mother, Sister, Prince's voice: Seho Chang / Witch's voice: Akiko Nakajima / Prince: Timo Tatzber / Waves, Elder sisters: Viola Haas, Marie Luise Radlegger, Johanna Öhner
<Music> Conductor: Jonathan Stark / Ensemble: Japanische Virtuosen Wien / Harp: Tina Zerdin
<Staff> Producer&Director: Akiko Nakajima / Choreographer: Timo Tatzber / Stage: Sophia Linhart, Lorna Manjana Langner / Rehearsal pianist: Hibiki Kojima / Guest supervisor: Uran Hirosaki / Assistant: Aoi Yoshida


Tokyo HARUSAI NIGHT: "The Story of the Cabaret" - produced by Akiko Nakajima @ Tokyo Kinema Club


Part 1 "The Story of the Cabaret" - starting from 10:30pm

Part 2 "all-night show" - starting from 1:00am

"making of"

Mozarthaus Vienna in Japan 2014 @ Yomiuri Otemachi Hall

Upon the invitation from Yomiuri Shimbun, Mozarthaus Vienna visited Japan for the first time in November 2014. The general director, Akiko Nakajima, organized the festival, which not only consisted of 4 various concerts with musicians such as Peter Schmidl, Rainer Trost, Niels Muus, Fumiaki Miura, Yoko Kikuchi and String Quartet ARCO, but also of an exhibition related to the theme "Mozart and Freemason" and a Kids Workshops. Guests like Dr. Angermüller, the world's leading expert of Mozart, Prof. Back-Vega of Freimauer Museum and Dir. Vitek of Mozarthaus flew in to join the event. With the kind support of the musicians and everybody involved, it was a new and innovative chamber music festival in the newly opend Yomiuri Otemachi Hall.


Concert I "Famous works of Mozart"

Exhibition "Mozart and Freemason" and Kids Workshop

Concert II "Fumiaki Miura & Yoko Kikuchi – Mozart and the Vienna Tradition"

Concert III "Mozart and the Freemasons"

Concert IV "The final gala concert – Mozart Academy"

"making of & off-stage"

A Japanese musical play, "The four seasons" by Akiko Nakajima

The scrip is inspired and based from poems, pictures, haiku, stories written and made by 600 children of Gunma International Academy in Ota city of Gunma prefecture of Japan. Thanks to158 children on stage, 87 local chorus, teaches, parents, local volunteers as well as some professional musicians helping on and off stage, we have made a humble, yet unforgettable stage experience together.

Video clip of "The Four Seasons" Photos "Making of" Video clip Flyer

"Mugen Noh - Pierrot Lunaire" by Akiko Nakajima

East meets West: A brand new unique theatrical production, combining the traditional Japanese Noh Theater with the expressionistic masterpiece, Pierrot Lunaire by Akiko Nakajima

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